Demo Contest

How to submit + FAQ

One lucky up-and-coming artist who submits the best song will receive a deep discount on everything needed to take a single from demo to release-ready finished product! That means:

Free Production

Half Price Recording

Half Price Mixing

Free Mastering

Submit below for a chance to win! At the very least we’ll check out your tunes 🙂

Email us to enter. Please include:

1. Your Demo
2. Your Artist Instagram Handle
3. Your Release Plan If You Win


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Contest FAQ

What's the Deal?

Why are you running this contest??

We want to pass on our success to up-and-coming artists. This is our solution to offer more affordable rates to young and talented artists.

Plus this way we get to choose our favorite people to work with. And it’s fun.

Why do you want to know our release plan?

We want you to promote us as much we want to to promote you!

We’re not a label, so it’s ideal for you to already have some audience and previous releases.


Isn’t the selection process totally biased?

Yup, it’s totally and utterly biased. We want to work with nice people who make great work. This is a way for us to choose our favorite people and favorite songs.

For this round we are biased towards catchy modern sounding songs with vocals.

What if my demo doesn’t sound good?

Don’t worry about it, we listen to unfinished music all day. We’re listening to the writing, playing and the idea. The song is the most important thing.

Are you going to like own my songs or something???

Nope! We are not looking to own any of your songs. All we ask is that we’re appropriately credited in the final release.


What’s your production style?

We’re pretty easy to work with. We don’t write music, so we’ll likely just ask you to keep writing until it’s the best version of itself.

It’s your song, we just want it to be as compelling as possible.


What’s the catch?

None! Though you might need to hire session musicians if you don’t have someone to play the parts in the song. The recording sessions for this project are also limited to weekdays. I think that’s it!

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