Recording FAQ

What’s a Full Day Session?
A Full Day Session is two four blocks separated by an hour lunch break. So if we start at 12pm noon we’ll record until 4pm and then take lunch. We’ll then record again from 5pm-9pm, and then break down and load out. If you need more time than a Full Day Session you’ll be charged an hourly rate instead.
Do I have to come in early?
Nope! Our engineers will have already been prepping the studio for your session and will be ready for you to arrive at your scheduled start time.
What’s the parking situation?
We’re in Fishtown, which has really been booming the last couple years. Thankfully there is still unmetered street parking on the streets all around the studio. If you’re arriving after 5pm you should leave extra time to find a spot. There’s also a ‘hidden spot’ on the sidewalk directly outside the studio. Thanks Philly!
Where are you exactly?
We’re on 1514 E Wilt St. directly behind the St. Laurentius church. It’s a small one street where all the addresses are out of order. We’re the 2nd to last building on the block. It’s a big brick building with an unmarked steel grey door. If you have a session the door should be unlocked but it’s very heavy.
How do I book a session?
Email and we’ll get that set for you. We require a 50% deposit to book time and accept cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App.
Do I need to bring my drums?
You’ll just need to bring your cymbals for your session. We have a record-ready and tuned drum setup at all times, but you are welcome to bring your own drums as well.
Phone: (203) 644-2129
1514 E Wilt St, Philadelphia, PA 19125