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Spice House Sound recording studio is an accessible, world-class recording, mixing, and mastering studio located in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia. Spice House Sound was established in August of 2014 with the help of Walters-Storyk Design Group, the world’s top acoustical architecture design firm.

Spice House Sound was was built from the ground up to be an ideal sonic environment that also feels fun, creative, and comfortable. Reclaimed barn wood and old wooden beams forge the rustic and homey aesthetic that defines the relaxed feel of the space. This is a place where artists can feel at home realizing their musical visions. This aesthetic combined with innovative acoustic architecture birthed a truly unique space with a distinctive and flexible sound. These qualities, along with its complete sonic isolation, make Spice House Sound an ideal soundstage for film.

Spice House Sound’s sonic signature is stamped by the arsenal of classic, custom, and uncommon analog gear that outfits the studio. The equipment at the heart of the audio system has been designed (or redesigned) in-house in order to attain a level of sonic quality beyond that of traditional recording equipment. This system, the result of years of hard work and meticulous artistry, has already caused Spice House Sound to be branded ‘a proving ground for innovative technology’.

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Our Equipment


Spice House Sound has a unique, innovative philosophy for our equipment. We believe that our system should record and reproduce the clearest, largest, and warmest sounding audio technically possible. Alex Santilli spent years building and rebuilding every circuit of our recording and reproduction equipment to ensure a clarity of sound well beyond the standards of professional audio. The exciting thing is, with such a pure input system, you can color the sounds purposefully to sound like anything the heart desires.

When you can hear more than most mastering engineers ever do, you make better sonic choices for your record.

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Our Clients

Alex G

Apple Music

Coors Light


Curtis Institute of Music

Discovery Channel


Dr. Dog

John Byrne Band

Little Big League

Japanese Breakfast


Meek Mill

Mt. Joy


NFL Films

Pissed Jeans


Rush Week

Slingshot Dakota

Slowey and the Boats

Sony Music

The Cold Seas

Tim Motzer

Universal Music Group

University of the Arts

Vic Mensa

Vita and the Woolf

Work Drugs

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