Mastering FAQ

What is Mastering?
Modern mastering consists of putting the last layer of polish on a mix, deciding the pace of the album, and optimizing the files for correct playback from all formats and for all playback systems. It also serves as a final check to make sure there aren’t any technical issues missed in mixing.

What will I get back?
A .wav file of reasonable loudness that is sensitively optimized for your genre and all playback and storage formats, especially streaming radio.

It will sound like your mix with a tad of magic sprinkled on it. Every master will be considered as a unique and individual work and a unique equipment chain will be devised to optimize it.

MFiT and CD masters come standard. If you need DDP or Vinyl files please let us know.

What do you need from me?
1. A 24-bit or greater .wav file in whatever sample rate you recorded at, with at least 1dB of headroom

2. Full payment through Venmo, Paypal, Cash App, Cash, or Check.

3. The track order and any notes about the songs. Detailed notes are welcome!

After all that is set, we’re off to the races.

Technical Questions

What should I name my .wav file? What about tagging?
Nowadays that’s done in Distribution. We live in a glorious post-CD world where distribution companies like Distrokid, Tunecore, and more will put in your music on a hundred sources at once. It’s their job to make sure all the titles, accreditations, track order, and more all show up correctly on every platform and in every file type.

What’s Mastered for iTunes (MFiT) and why do I want it?
MFiT is a fantastic future-proofing mastering standard pioneered by Apple to ensure all music is archived at maximum quality. It also ensures that your music will play through internet radio and lossy formats without clipping. I am an iTunes certified mastering engineer and all music mastered here is MTiT certified. MFiT certified masters also get preferential placement in the iTunes store.

Doesn’t every song need to as loud as possible?
Thankfully, the loudness wars are over. Every internet and terrestrial radio will make sure all songs are played back at the same loudness regardless of how ‘loud’ it is mastered. Making songs too loud will only ensure that they don’t ‘hit’ when being played on radio. A master of reasonable loudness will sound better on radio than a loud master.
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