About Our Kawai KG-1E

Medium Grand, Big Sound
A beautiful sounding piano in a room designed from the ground up – that’s a winning combination. 

Why did we pick this Kawai?
After listening to many different pianos we chose our 5′ 5″ Kawai based on it’s heavy action, big, beautiful crisp top end, and warm, focused low end. It’s clear and complementary enough to put into a dense arrangement, but also full and beautiful enough for solo pieces. It’s the perfect size to take advantage of the natural acoustics of our huge live room.

How often is it tuned?
Our Piano is regularly tuned every three months. Our temperature and humidity controlled live room was built to be the optimal piano-friendly environment. If you need it in tip top shape for a solo performance we recommend it be tuned every morning before it’s played.

What does tuning cost?
Tuning is 180/tune and we recommend scheduling it a couple weeks in advance to make sure a tuner can be there before your session.

Can I hear it?
Sure! Email us at Booking@SpiceHouseSound.com and we can send you some lossless .wav files we’ve recorded.

How do I book a session?

Email us to schedule a tour or a session

1514 E Wilt St, Philadelphia, PA 19125