Alex Santilli

Alex Santilli is a Grammy nominated audio engineer, producer, speaker designer, studio manager, electronic retrofitter, and ‘Gear Whisperer’ that operates Spice House Sound in Philadelphia. Thanks to Alex and WSDG’s pioneering efforts, Spice House Sound offers innovative acoustics and a wealth of singular technology innovations that have subsequently been adopted by studios across the globe.

A singular drive and focus to extract the maximum audio quality out of every performance, recording, and piece of audio equipment is what drives Alex Santilli’s unique approach to audio engineering. When the scientific method meets artistic sensibilities, they come to form never before seen designs such as Spice House Sound’s signature phase-flat monitors, innovative panel-adjustable Live Room acoustics, and ultra high performance retrofitted console.

This same driveis applied in the art of mixing and mastering. An arsenal of handpicked and custom equipment make up a purposeful and ever-evolving chain of equipment that puts a unique sonic stamp on all of his work. Clarity, size, warmth – no matter the project, you’ll find these highlighted in his work.

Alex has spoken at both AES and NAMM and is currently an Adjunct Professor at University of the Arts teaching Advanced Mixing and Mastering, Advanced Microphone Techniques, and Speaker Design.

Alex is currently focusing on enlightening the dark art of mastering and always looking for ways to improve Spice House Sound.

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Phone: 203 644 2129
Mail: Alex@spicehousesound.com

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“At age 13, Alex Santilli went from building Legos to assembling computers. At 16 he began designing custom speakers. By 19 he was mixing on Pro Tools, and had begun restoring ‘dead’ analog consoles. In 2009 a local Philadelphia studio owner hired him to ‘resurrect’ expired gear. Before long, Santilli had restored his console and outboard gear, rewired the entire studio, and was engineering sessions. Eventually he was named studio manager. Two years later he was ready to build his own recently completed Spice House Studio. Santilli has a genuine reverence for audio, and a reputation as an innate ‘gear whisperer.’ A ‘hands-on prodigy’ he personally implemented the entire systems integration, for his Philadelphia-based Spice House Sound Studios.”


Fishtown’s Spice House Sound is quickly becoming a go-to recording studio for rising indie acts from Philly. Much of this is due in part to the genius of managing partner Alex Santilli, who has dedicated much of his life to creating the perfect sound. This sound can be found throughout Spice House Sound thanks to the meticulous design and engineering which Santilli had his hand in from the very beginning.

Philly JUMP

Listen in…

Turn your ears Philadelphia way, and you just might hear the call. It’s coming from the new studio of a young engineer they call “The Gear Whisperer.” He takes sonic devices and gives them a vibrant new life.

Now Alex Santilli has got a facility of his own called Spice House Sound, and he just may have brought something spectacular to the region. Designed by John Storyk of Walters-Storyk Design Group in a circa-1885 former stable, the live room has a 25’ ceiling, a groundbreaking ceiling cloud its designers call one-of-a-kind, and can open up to a huge 16,000 cubic feet.

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