Eric Bogacz

Producer, Grammy nominated Engineer

Eric’s background in sound is diverse and expanding. From tracking string quartets, to producing rock bands, he applies a discerning and careful ear to any project he is put at task to. Eric has been around music his entire life.  He grew up classically trained and played in bands before getting into hip hop production in high school, which introduced him to the world of the recording studio. In the years since, he has honed his ear and abilities in order to create and produce recordings that reach his ever-raising standards. He is informed and influenced by a myriad of genres and sounds ranging from 70’s soul to modern indie rock. Working closely with clients to achieve the vision they have for their project is always the end goal, and he will always use his full skillset to attain it.

When not recording at Spice House Sound, Eric is also part of the faculty of the Music Industry program at Rowan University, where he teaches a variety of courses including Audio Recording and Mixing & Mastering.

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Phone: (847)  322-4907
Mail: eric.bogacz@gmail.com

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Eric is our go-to guy for both production & engineering. He has an unmatched ability to listen & understand what you’re trying to accomplish, while guiding you in the right direction without trying to dominate the session. He’s one of the hardest workers we know, as we’ve put him through more 12 hour days than any producer/engineer should have to endure. He’s timely, proficient in his field, but more importantly he’s a wonderful person to work with.

Foxtrot & The Getdown

Eric is without a doubt the best engineer that I have ever worked with. His attention to detail and finely tuned ear is an incredible asset in the studio. He has also mixed several projects for me, and I am always pleased with the work. He takes his craft very seriously and it shows. No matter what genre you’re working in, his guidance will lead you towards a better product.

Stereo League

Eric is an incredible talent.  He has an ability to hone in on what is most needed for a given project and deliver it in full.  If he is working as a producer, his engineering skills serve to bolster the production. If the project calls for an engineer, Eric artfully incorporates his production skills when making decisions.  He straddles the two paths well and maintains great balance and perspective.  He’s a great team member to have on board!

Sonni Shine

There is no real metric for the value Eric has added to my creative process. He has been mixing my records for the better part of the last decade. He has learned my tastes and sensibilities and adapted his approach to mixing my records around my goals as an artist. I’ve also become a better DIY engineer at home from my time spent working with him at Spice House. There is nothing worse than an engineer that tells you “this is what you need to do.”

Mic Stew

If you’re looking for a great work environment, comfortable atmosphere and a professional sound, hit up Eric.  He is always personable and hands-on, genuine, collaborative and an easy going person. Very time efficient and flexible during the entire working process.  Always an easy and productive experience every time I record with him.

Major Van Winkle

Without Eric’s guidance, our album would have been a shadow of its final form. He gave our music a definitive sonic identity, adding original effects and new ideas that far exceeded our expectations for a producer. Eric’s calm nature and open mind made it easy to work creatively. It also didn’t take long for us to realize that Eric’s technical prowess was on par with his great artistic instincts.  He treated us and our project with patience, care, and skill.

Mickey Cake